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At Stinsa we plan and coordinate all phases of the intermodal shipping of your goods, ensuring that everything arrives in perfect condition and as speedily as possible.

 An intermodal transport company of the  Trimodos Group


Stinsa, with the railroad as the origin of its activity, articulates intermodal transport solutions involving the different modes of transport between a wide network of logistics and manufacturing centers.

In intermodal transport, different modes of transport, such as rail, sea and road transport, are strategically combined to optimize the distribution of goods. In this way, we combine rail (or sea) journeys with truck journeys to make the door-to-door transport chain more sustainable and efficient. We work with both customer-owned and leased equipment.


intermodal transport

Warehouse and 

Storage and logistics via our centres in Burriana (Castellón), Seville and Cordoba. We offer more than 37,000m2 of logistics space, as well as specialized machinery and highly qualified personnel, in order to store your goods with the utmost security and rigor.

Our Seville centre offers further added value, with rail access to the interior of the warehouse.

At our logistics centres, we carry out other value-added activities such as order preparation, goods classification, stock control and palletization, among others.


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Complementary services.

container transportation


We offer container transportation services at major ports and railway terminals nationwide.



We coordinate and carry out freight consolidation and deconsolidation processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency..

customs formalities


We handle all customs processes for you so that your imports, exports and shipments always reach their destination as expected.

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Study of logistic needs and customized solutions. solutions.

Our team will analyse your needs to determine the optimal solution that meets your requirements and needs.

Each type of shipment requires a different solution depending on the sector, the volume of goods, the hazard factor and the distribution channel. Thanks to our experience, we are able to adapt to each context and offer tailor-made solutions. 

We specialize in waste and dangerous goods, as well as in the paper/cardboard, chemical, fertilizer and tile sectors (palletization).