In our transportation company, we understand that the world of logistics and transportation is dynamic and complex. That is why we offer an intermodal service that is based on an efficient, agile and sustainable system for the transportation of goods. It combines the efficiency of land and sea transport in a single integrated system. Intermodal transport is the key to optimize routes and minimize environmental impact.intermodal transport,  we specialize in providing complete logistics solutions, making the most of the synergies between the different modes of transport. Trust us to deliver your goods safely and efficiently, using our experience in transportation and logistics to exceed your expectations. We have extensive experience in rail management to deliver your goods in an optimal and safe way.

intermodal transport
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Storage and

 In our logistics center, we offer integral solutions for the storage of goods. Our priority is to guarantee the safety and care of your products from the moment they arrive at our facilities. Your shipment classified in a logistics center will be safe in any of our three centers (Castellón, Seville and Burriana). With an efficient warehousing system and a highly trained team, we guarantee a classified and organized shipment for each client. 

Freight forwarder 

At Transargi a leading ocean freight forwarder, we specialize in the integrated management of ocean shipments, offering logistics solutions tailored to the needs of each client. With our experience and expertise in maritime transport, we guarantee an efficient and reliable service for the import and export of goods, including all customs and adjacent services. 
We take care of all the details to ensure that your ocean shipments reach their destination safely and in record time.

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National and
international road transport.

In our transport group of companies, Transargi we offer a comprehensive road transport service that adapts to the needs of your company. Specialized in the transport of goods by road, we serve as a bridge between national and international destinations. Our commitment is to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your products, optimizing routes and resources to offer you the best value for your money. Whether you need local or international shipments, our professional team is prepared to manage every detail of your logistics.  

We specialize in full truck loads, groupage, furrier service and express delivery. Groupage, both in the national and international market, is an efficient solution for productive companies in the province of Castellón, allowing them to consolidate loads from different customers in the same trailer, thus optimizing space and reducing costs for each participant. At Trimodos Group, we offer groupage services that guarantee the safe and punctual delivery of your goods. Trust our experience and dedication to manage your shipments through our integrated transportation network. 

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grupo trimodos
trimodos group
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Services complementary to transportation.

Containers, repair services, customs regulations...

We aim to play our part at each stage of our customers' value chain. To achieve this, we also offer complementary services to improve their logistics network. We transport containers, offer repair services and take care of all procedures related to customs regulations to expedite the movement of goods.

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Ad hoc logistics

projects and consulting.

Each product needs a specific type of shipping. Our team will be able to draw up a tailor-made solution to meet your shipping requirements.

The staff at the intermodal transport have an in-depth knowledge of the sector, and can advise you honestly and clearly on the best solutions for each situation.  

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