About us

We are a transport and logistics company in Castellón with a strong specialization in rail transport at national and international level.  

Trimodos Group is formed by two firms: Stinsa  ,  Transargi Thanks to the synergies between the two and the experience of the entire team, we create transport and logistics service solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Our services range from sea transport, rail transport and road transport.  In addition, we offer international and national transport services.

Since 1983, the company has grown and evolved, but has always maintained our commitment to helping customers optimize their logistics network effectively. With our customers at the centre, we have developed an ever-growing range of transportation and logistics services to meet all your possible needs. 


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We endeavour to create a working environment in which each member of the team feels comfortable and inspired, and part of an effective, dynamic and continuously developing organization in which everyone can contribute to ensure the highest quality output. 

In addition, our company strives to provide personalized advice to customers and to give them the peace of mind and confidence that they are in the right hands.


We are oriented towards the positive transformation of the environment that surrounds us. This is done in an integrative way and guaranteeing sustainability through the quality of our services and processes.

We are also prepared to provide solutions to the needs of our customers at all times, accompanying them with a personal and close treatment.

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Creating value
in our relationships.

As a family business, we believe that a company is sustained by the strength of the values that lie behind its operations. As such, we seek to build lasting relationships based on trust to ensure more efficient and optimal logistics operations.

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Industry leadership

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From Castellón to the world.

With our new logistics center in Castellón, there are now three centers from which we manage all operations: Castellón, Burriana and Seville. A strategic deployment to which we add different fleets of fixed trucks working from Barcelona, Murcia, Tarragona and Valencia to cover the entire Mediterranean corridor with speed and flexibility.






Our story


1983. Beginnings 

Antonio Martínez founds STINSA, with its headquarters in Huelva, to offer rail freight and logistics services.

1983. Villa-Real

A gantry crane is launched, shortly followed by the inauguration of three weekly trains to transport ceramics containers to the port of Barcelona.      

1994. Seville Logistics Center

The company makes its way south, with a new strategic headquarters in Seville, which remains fully operational to this day.

2015. New leadership

Antonio Martínez's three children, Pilar, Antonio and Carmelo, take over from their father and assume leadership of the family business.


2015. Transargi

Transargi is acquired to expand the operational scope of the company and to be able to offer a larger portfolio of services to our clients. Part of the team moves to Grao de Castellón, to the former Transargi offices..

2019. New facilities

A new logistics centre is launched in Burriana (Castellón) which, together with the other two operational centres in Seville and Cordoba, brings our logistics surface area to a total of 37,000m2. 

2021. Trimodos Group

Trimodos Group . is created as a business group brand to consolidate its competitiveness in the market and position itself as a strong service company in the transport and logistics sector. .

2022. New logistics centre in Castellón

A new logistics warehouse with a surface area of 6,000 m2 is built on 15,000 m2 of land.

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Our team will be happy to meet you and help you with everything you need to keep your logistics network running at peak performance.