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Transport and logistics business group

We are a business group of transport and logistics services. Through our three companies,   Stinsa, Transargi e Intraser with our own warehouses in Castellón and Seville, we offer the best solutions to help you optimize your logistics network, operating both nationally and internationally.
Each of our companies offers different types of transportation and logistics.

Our activity as transporters

Transport and logistics

Intermodal rail transport and logistics

 Stinsa is our company specialized in the management of intermodal rail transport, both national and international. It is the longest-established company in the group with a track record of more than 40 years, which allows us to offer high quality intermodal transportation.
Stinsa focuses on rail transport, one of the safest and most sustainable means of transport. Due to its high load capacity, it is recommended for heavy and long distance goods.


Haulage and maritime freight forwarding

Transargi, a company acquired by the group in 2015, operates as our road freight forwarder and ocean freight forwarder with a wide network of partners around the world.   
In land transportation we cover national and international destinations in different modalities such as full truck, groupage, freight forwarding and express deliveries.Sea and air transits can be carried out in full container load (Full Container Load) and consolidated (Less Container Load) modalities.



We offer global solutions 100% adapted to meet every logistic need in the most efficient way possible. With our wide variety of services we reach each client through a specialized service, either by road transport, intermodal transport, maritime transport...

Our services - Transportation and logistics

intermodal shipping

Intermodal shipping

storage and logistics

Storage and logistics

ocean freight forwarder

Ocean freight forwarder

transport of goods by road

Transport of goods by road

logistic solutions

Complementary services

logistic solutions

Consultancy and logistics solutions

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