We are a transportation and logistics business group. Through our two companies, Stinsa and Transargi, and our warehouses in Castellón, Seville and Cordoba, we offer the best solutions to help you optimize your logistics network both nationally and internationally.

What we do

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Intermodal shipping and logistics

Stinsa is our company which specializes in the management of rail freight transportation, both in Spain and abroad. It is the oldest firm in the group, with more than 40 years of history which allows us to offer the highest quality intermodal service.

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Haulage and maritime freight forwarding

Transargi, acquired by the group in 2015, operates as our road haulage arm and maritime freight forwarder with a wide network of partners around the world. 

We offer global solutions fully adapted to all of your logistical needs, in the most efficient way possible.

Our services

Intermodal shipping

Storage and logistics

Maritime freight

Road haulage

Complementary services

Consultancy and logistics solutions

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